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Where car insurance

The fact that I am not an intellectual thing. "Where car insurance" because in real life I do not change cars frequently and since the car was never any insurance claim. But often there is no question in this manner. (As members are diligent pantip answer repetitive) tried to find information on pantip and in various forums, as it has already taken a brief guide to reading together. It is the source of the article to see this.

As I've written that most of us will be forced to choose insurance from an insurance company that he co-marketing to finance to provide leasing services on car insurance, however, but he used the word bonus in the first year to complete. So it's good enough to take two years to auto insurance, we often want to choose our own favorite insurance company.

From alternative insurers generally before.
It has been suggested for people looking to buy car insurance in the following major topics.

1. When an accident We want to be center Where superhero or a garage. Which should be a preliminary answer.
2. Center or garage that is. A car insurance company where he admitted to trade with. Qualifying insurance company over a 3-5 thee.
3. Check that your insurance company's reputation. Then reduced to 2-3 you enough.
4. Check or Bid to brokers. (Agent or broker distribution policy) took credible.
5. Choose the insurance rates for our use. (Not that I was into such applications, it is very risky to choose a reliable company look much more expensive than even), the premiums would be based on market mechanisms and to evaluate the risk of the car. If you try to double premiums in the calculation. How to calculate the premium car It is super simple question from insurance brokers.

Such guidance is not specific to the insurance at first applied only to the insurance sector 2+ and 3+ by car because it is old or new. What happens when we want to repair it to return to the original as possible doing anything.

Statistics popularity Insurance Company The survey of 2012 (statistics for the year 2014, see here).
This is baked him again. The data from BrandAge magazine has conducted a survey of the popularity of auto insurance consumers who are using the service for the year 2555, let's take a good line. In order of percentage of respondents who agreed with the insurance carrier. The number in parenthesis is the percentage of a year ago.

1. Life Insurance 51.84% (46.62%) held this position for longer than 10 years.
2. Insurance 12.40% (14.45%) ranks the longest since 2550.
3. Insurance 7.85% (6.76%) moved up from last year.
4. Insurance 6.49% (7.46%) decrease from the previous year. But usually hovers ranked 3-5.
5. Insurance Plc 3.29% (4.90%) decrease from the previous year.
6. Southeast Insurance 2.91% (2.10%) moved up from last year.
7. Insurance 2.81% (3.03%) decrease from the previous year.
7. Insurance 2.81% in America, they are dropped from the top 10 for several years. New Year 2555 has just come to replace "LMG" which scored 1.75%.
8. ACE Insurance 1.55% in place of "National Insurance" which scored 1.63%.
9. American Commerce Insurance 1.16% instead of "insurance" that scored 1.63%.

We ought to be part of the statistics. (Take you any good).
As though that The insurance is not God, then He himself had to maintain their own interests as well. Search the Web, then even if the insurance company in the Top 10 is still being cursed. Most tricks The customers themselves Tricks with parties (Blame to both sides to allow themselves to be right not to be responsible / wrong kind of customer defection) are excluded from the cradle to the problems that come with auto insurers.

Get out before that I do not have a stake in the insurer. That's the first place that people from pantip which do not represent the whole country, so it is assumed to be a koan. My own interpretation of it, so some of you that there is no singling out, or because no one may use less. And cursed a lot, it may be because many people use. (Most people have a very common) so require in reading. The information comes from the telling. Posts data and it is not equal. Read the guide is enough is enough. Do not serious (Rip out the other end), the overall picture is found in pantip.

1. Companies that have introduced the most commonly in the insurance lnw v Mariya insurance. (And probably more expensive than one with) overall.
·'s Easier lnw Clemson v Mariya.
· Premiums of v Mariya will be over. And a more stable
2. The serpent is focused on insurance premiums is to simulate (Si) using the same taxi.
3. Companies that are recommended for 2+ to 3+ insurance is a request for a cheer and a CP.
4. seen as stable. It has been working on how enterprises have little contact as expensive hard work is slowly shrines Plc (That's because you have the government as a major shareholder or not).
5. Companies that see themselves as the most sympathetic heart of the city only a few providers have an insurance (pink) like changing the status of a client as being at a party. But if customers miss it may have excess (excess) was exaggerated as well.
6. The company that was supposed to pull away lm9, boasted about, friendly, casual.
7. I have not seen a good mix some general standards such an estimate, M51G, Lisa M, Sin does not change, only premium (blue), 1NG.

It is hoped that the guide will help you better consider that. Where should choose car insurance
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